19th AIAI 2023, 14 - 17 June 2023, León, Spain

An innovative method to study the social impact of AI on the work environment based on a multi-dimensional human-centred analysis of the worker-AI team

Simona D'Attanasio, Sara De Martino, Yann Ferguson


  This paper presents an innovative method to analyse the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the work environment. These technologies are becoming more and more widespread in workplaces, integrating the cognitive processes of workflows, provoking an important disruption in the worker environment. At present, the state of the art lacks tools and methods to understand what we call the worker-AI team. The method presented in the paper is based on a four-dimensional model considering the social, the strategic, the structural, the core framework dimensions that contribute to determine the dynamics of this team within an organisation. Each dimension is related to one or more involved stakeholders, providers, workers, managers, policy-makers and social partners. An experimental protocol has been derived from the model and deployed to retrieve data from use-cases in different fields of activity and for different specific tasks. The analysis of the initial set of data allowed the identification of a preliminary taxonomy that is presented in the conclusions. The eight worker profiles that have been identified can help to provide a human-centred integration of AI technologies in the workplace.  

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