19th AIAI 2023, 14 - 17 June 2023, León, Spain

Matching patterns of temporal neural activity using the Victor-Purpura distance in real-time

Alberto Ayala, Angel Lareo, Pablo Varona, Francisco Β. Rodriguez


  Many neural systems encode information by generating specific sequences of action potentials forming temporal activity patterns (codes). These systems emit functionally equivalent activity patterns with a certain variability in their temporal structure. In this work, we have implemented in real-time a closed-loop stimulation protocol for the study of temporal coding in neural systems. The stimulation was triggered by matching a target code and a code obtained from the system's activity using the Victor-Purpura distance. This protocol has been developed for the Real-Time eXperiment Interface tool. Latencies during closed-loop experiments were within strict real-time temporal constraints, thus validating the use of the protocol to study information processing in activity-dependent stimulation experiments. In addition, its functionality has been validated through a proof of concept in which we have conditioned the activity of the Hindmarsh-Rose neural model to evoke a different dynamic activity state. With this protocol, equivalence between different matching patterns can be inferred when closed-loop stimulation driven by them leads to equivalent responses. Results show that the dynamic state evoked by closed-loop stimulation is difficult to generate under open-loop stimulation (i.e, without precise activity-dependent stimulation of the system).  

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