19th AIAI 2023, 14 - 17 June 2023, León, Spain

Towards Autonomous Developmental Artificial Intelligence: Case study for Explainable AI

Andrew Starkey, Chinedu Pascal Ezenkwu


  State-of-the-art autonomous AI algorithms such as reinforcement learning and deep learning techniques suffer from high computational complexity, poor explainability ability, and a limited capacity for incremental adaptive learning. In response to these challenges, this paper highlights the TMGWR-based algorithm, developed by the present authors, as a case study towards self-adaptive unsupervised learning in autonomous developmental AI, and makes the following contributions: it presents and reviews essential requirements for today’s autonomous AI and includes analysis for their potential for Green AI; it demonstrates that, unlike these state-of-the-art algorithms, TMGWR possesses explainability potentials that can be further developed and exploited for autonomous learning applications. In addition to shaping researchers’ choice of metrics for selecting autonomous learning strategies, this paper will help to motivate further innovative research in autonomous AI.  

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