19th AIAI 2023, 14 - 17 June 2023, León, Spain

Hybrid Machine Learning and Autonomous Control assisted Framework for Fault Diagnostics and Mitigation in Diesel Engines

Raman Goyal, Dhrubajit Chowdhury, Subhashis Hazarika, Raj Pradip Khawale, Shubhendu Kumar Singh, Lara Crawford, Rahul Rai


  The paper proposes a hybrid machine learning framework along with a hierarchical control module for fault diagnosis, isolation, and mitigation to develop a resilient diesel engine system. The hybrid diagnostics system combines experimental data with physics-based simulation data to improve fault diagnosis, isolation, and severity prediction. The hybrid architecture consists of a denoising autoencoder to transform the engine data to a fixed lower-dimension latent space representation. The combined data is then passed to a Twin-Deep Neural Network (DNN) framework to detect and predict fault severity. The hierarchical control module consists of control calibration maps generated offline using Bayesian optimization to maintain the desired engine torque while minimizing fuel consumption. The module also uses proportional-integral (PI) and extremum seeking (ES) controllers on top of the offline map to compensate for engine faults and modeling errors. The simulation results show the efficacy of the proposed architecture to maintain the desired performance for different fault scenarios.  

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