19th AIAI 2023, 14 - 17 June 2023, León, Spain

Techno-economic Analysis Highlighting Aspects of 5G Network Deployments at Railway Environments

Ioanna Mesogiti, Eleni Theodoropoulou, Fotini Setaki, George Lyberopoulos, Konstantinos Stamatis, Panteleimon Konstantinos Chartsias, Nikos Makris, Paris Flegkas, Jesus Gutierrez, Christina Politi, Christos Tranoris, Markos Anastasopoulos, Anna Tzanakaki


  5G and beyond networks will comprise versatile infrastructures consisting of multiple disaggregated pools of network, compute and storage resources, while network deployments are expected to appear in various (physical/ vertical) environments as access network extensions of public networks or as Non-Public-Networks. In many physical/ vertical environments, the necessary network deployments may be very dissimilar to the wide area public network ones, raising new deployment challenges. Such cases can be the railway environment or specific deployments along rivers or roads. In these cases, the various network deployment alternatives, in terms of technologies and topologies, shall take into account various factors such as area specifics, technologies’ deployment feasibility, traffic/usage forecasts considering long-term services roadmaps and, certainly, the associated costs. In this context, network planning and dimensioning shall be tightly accompanied by the techno-economic analysis of the various deployment alternatives. This paper provides insights of 5G network deployments at railway environments as retrieved through macroscopic techno-economic analysis and demonstrates their applicability on the architectural concepts of the 5G-PPP 5G-VICTORI project.  

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