19th AIAI 2023, 14 - 17 June 2023, León, Spain

Network slicing vs. network neutrality - is consent possible?

Lechosław Tomaszewski, Robert Kołakowski


  Network Slicing (NS) is the inherent concept of the 5G network and beyond, ensuring dynamic and flexible use of resources, considered also a fundamental enabler of the ``Industry 4.0'' vision. However, its widespread implementation today encounters barriers, among which the paradigm of ``network neutrality'' is of key importance. This paper discusses the various factors affecting the wide implementation of NS: legal and political -- including the European Union regulation on network neutrality, trends in the telecommunications market, technical conditions of NS in 5G networks and beyond, especially physical barriers, and the fundamental conflicts of interest between various business actors in the telecommunications market as well as consequences of a dominant position of content providers over mobile operators enabled by the mentioned regulation. Based on the analysis of the above factors, it is concluded that NS has become a hostage of contradictory paradigms and visions that, if not revised, prevent sustain able development based on communication services implemented with the use of NS.  

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