18th AIAI 2022, 17 - 20 June 2022, Greece

Advancements in Edge Computing and Service Orchestration in Support of Advanced Surveillance Services

Ioanna Mesogiti, Eleni Theodoropoulou, Fotini Setaki, George Lyberopoulos, Francesca Moscateli, Konstantina Kanta, Giannis Giannoulis, Panagiotis Toumasis, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos, Hercules Avramopoulos, Lukasz Lopacinski, Jesus Gutierrez Teran, Anastasi


  The 5G and beyond advancements will impact significantly the evolution of many vertical industries such as the Surveillance and Safety sector. To this end, the requirements posed by its associated services can be satisfied to a certain degree by 5G network slicing and by control and user plane separation -allowing for exploitation of edge computing-, while aspects related to network deployment resilience and end-to-end service orchestration of infrastructure, network and applications across edge and cloud domains are still under investigation. The 5G-COMPLETE project focuses on delivering Beyond 5G technology innovations in the edge and orchestration domains (among others), that can support highly demanding vertical services/ applications and relevant use cases such as Advanced Surveillance; along with holistic 5G deployment paradigms and experimentation deployments for testing and evaluation. This paper discusses the service and technical requirements and provides an overview of the proposed technologies and deployment solutions.  

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